4 Videos to Get Accustomed to Drupal 10 Before Launch

With the launch nearing, the Drupal Community is preparing and participating in the 10 Days of Drupal 10 Giveaway. Are there more ways to welcome Drupal 10?


It isn't always possible to attend every session or talk about Drupal 10 that you were looking forward to. Hence the Drupal Community makes it easy for all of us to learn and listen to Drupal 10-related talks, guides, and keynotes.

Here are a few video sessions from various Drupal Camps and Conferences. These videos take us through D10 and its future. Glimpse through to start your Drupal 10 process.

Keynote Drupal 10 and beyond - Drupal South

Lee Rowlands kept in mind Drupal 10, which will now be released this month as per the release schedule. Why are the major Drupal release cycles getting shorter, and is this something we can expect to continue? What's driving these shorter cycles, and how can you help contribute to them? Listen to Lee talk about what is coming in Drupal 9.3, Drupal 10, and Beyond

Drupal - The next 20 years (and beyond) Owen Lansbury | Drupal South 

Drupal Is 21! The question answered in this session is whether this is the end for Drupal or whether we have reached Drupal's peak. Join Owen Lansbury while he talks about the next 20 years for Drupal. The Drupal Community Dreams on.

Drupal 10 - What's coming? 

Sylvain Reiter, the UX CTO, charts out 5 changes that Drupal 10 offers and how you can get ready for it! No one should be left behind.

Getting ready for Drupal 10

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