Florida Drupal Camp Contribution Day: Dive In and Contribute!

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Florida DrupalCamp attendees, mark your calendars for an exciting conclusion to the weekend's events with Contribution Day on Sunday! Following Training Day on Friday and Session on Saturday, Sunday is dedicated to fostering collaboration and giving back to the Drupal community. From 1 pm to 4 pm on February 25th, participants can engage in various activities, including issue solving, bug fixes, documentation, and more at the Florida Technical College.

This year's Contribution Day promises many engaging opportunities for developers and non-developers. Among the highlights is a collaborative effort to enhance the Project Browser, led by maintainer Chris Wells. Additionally, Featured Speaker Matt Glaman has curated a list of "first issues" tailored for newcomers to contribute to the Retrofit project. Participants can also join forces with Mark Casias and Mike Anello to address issues related to Smart Trim.

For those who have never contributed, Contribution Day is an ideal starting point to learn about the processes and dive right into action. Whether writing documentation or providing other valuable assistance, every contribution is crucial in strengthening the Drupal Community.

Contribution Day at Florida Drupal Camp offers a welcoming environment to learn, collaborate, and contribute to the open-source community. For more information and to get involved, visit here. 

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