Drupal Certified Partner Program Webinar: Enhanced Benefits and Eligibility Requirements

The Drupal Association is set to host a webinar on March 5, 2024, unveiling significant enhancements to the Drupal Certified Partner program aimed at spotlighting and supporting key contributors known as "Makers." Led by Tim Doyle, CEO, and Kelly Delaney, Director of Development at the Drupal Association, the event will focus on the program's redefined goals, eligibility requirements, and the evolved benefits and opportunities it offers. The session will also feature a dedicated Q&A segment, offering a platform for current and prospective Drupal Certified Partners to gain in-depth insights and address queries related to the revamped program.

The webinar aims to shed light on the newly reoriented Drupal Certified Partner program, emphasizing the crucial role of contributors in the sustainability and advancement of Drupal. By delving into the program's objectives, revised code contribution requirements, sponsorship eligibility criteria, and the amplified benefits within the marketplace, the event seeks to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of current partners and agencies interested in achieving Drupal Certified Partner status. 

Additionally, individuals unable to attend the live session are encouraged to register for access to the recording, ensuring widespread accessibility to the insights shared during the event.  Register for the webinar here.

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