Research Reveals Concerning Trends in GitHub Copilot's Impact on Code Quality

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Visual Studio Magazine has published a report by David Ramel on recent research highlighting concerning trends in the quality and maintainability of code generated with AI-powered GitHub Copilot. The "Coding on Copilot" whitepaper by GitClear revealed a projected increase in code churn and a shift towards more 'added' and 'copy/pasted' code compared to 'updated,' 'deleted,' and 'moved' code. This trend indicates a departure from traditional coding practices, potentially leading to reduced code reuse and long-term maintenance challenges. 

While previous studies noted benefits in developer productivity and satisfaction with Copilot, GitClear’s research raises questions about AI's impact on code quality and the responsibility for addressing potential code quality issues. Additional studies in the field underscore the need for further evaluation and careful consideration of AI tools in software development practices.  

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