Drupal User Group Berlin - April 2024

The Drupal User Group Berlin is inviting attendees to their upcoming event on April 4th, 2024, at 19:30. The meetup will be held at c-base, located at Rungestr. 20 (seminar room, S/U Jannowitzbrücke), with the option to participate via a simultaneous Livestream.

This month's event will focus on artificial intelligence, featuring two insightful talks:

  • Drupal Content with AI Sidekick by Nico from Vienna.
  • Introducing the AI Interpolator by Marcus from Berlin.

Attendees are encouraged to notify the organizers if they wish to discuss additional topics related to natural intelligence, including problems, questions, or their projects.

All individuals, whether seasoned Drupal developers or newcomers, are welcome to join the conversation and engage with the Drupal community.

For more information and updates, please visit here. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and connect with fellow Drupal enthusiasts!

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