Acquia Announces Keynote Session Featuring Nestlé at Engage London

Acquia Keynote Session Featuring Nestle at Engage London: Teaser Image

Acquia reveals an impressive lineup of keynote speakers for Engage London, including representatives from global powerhouse Nestlé. Margaux Raquin and Alexander Stasi from Cereal Partners Worldwide, a collaboration between Nestlé and General Mills, will take centre stage to delve into the extensive journey of revamping their multi-brand website.

Set to occur on May 22, this session promises an in-depth exploration of the comprehensive overhaul undertaken by Nestlé, involving the implementation of a new CMS, introducing novel functionalities, and refining content strategies to enhance the consumer experience significantly. Attendees can anticipate gaining valuable insights into the strategies employed by Nestlé to elevate their digital presence and engage their audience effectively.

Nestlé's strong reliance on Drupal is particularly interesting, with nearly all of its current sites built using this platform. Acquia Site Factory serves as the linchpin, empowering Nestlé to develop "master" programs accessible to all their brands.

Those attending the event are encouraged not to miss this illuminating session, which will provide a firsthand glimpse into why Nestlé has chosen Drupal as its preferred platform for digital transformation. Join Acquia on May 22 to discover more about this remarkable journey and engage with industry leaders shaping the digital landscape.

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