Exploring the Nexus of Drupal and Nonprofits: Event Recap and Discussion

Exploring the Nexus of Drupal and Nonprofits: Event Recap and Discussion

Join the conversation on Thursday, May 16, at 1 pm ET / 10 am PT to recap DrupalCon Portland and the Nonprofit Summit and discuss Drupal's impact on the nonprofit sector. This free event, sponsored by NTEN.org, welcomes all nonprofit Drupal developers and users to share ideas and explore solutions. The session will be available via Zoom and feature opportunities for real-time interaction and collaborative note-taking.

The event is designed as a platform for nonprofit sector professionals to discuss how Drupal can be utilized within their organizations. It is open to all, regardless of their experience with Drupal, and aims to foster a community where ideas and solutions can be shared freely.

Participants are encouraged to engage fully by contributing to a Google document with topics they are interested in discussing. This collaborative approach ensures a rich exchange of ideas and maximizes the relevance of the discussions to attendees’ needs.

The Zoom meeting details are as follows: Meeting ID 818 1746 9653 and passcode 551681. Direct links for joining the call and for the collaborative document can be found on NTEN.org. This session promises to be a valuable opportunity for networking, learning, and collaborative problem-solving within the Drupal and nonprofit communities.

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