The DropTimes Announced as Media Partner for DrupalCamp Spain 2024

The DropTimes Announced as Media Partner for DrupalCamp Spain 2024

The DropTimes has been announced as the official Media Partner for DrupalCamp Spain 2024, an essential gathering for the Drupal community, scheduled for October 24 to 26 at the Hotel DeLoix Aqua Center. This event promises to be a significant occasion for Drupal enthusiasts, developers, designers, experts, and beginners to come together, share knowledge, and collaborate.

DrupalCamp Spain will commence with a dedicated Business Day on October 24, followed by two days packed with talks, meetings, and workshops. Organized by volunteers from the Drupal free software community, the event aims to foster learning, innovation, and networking among its participants.

The partnership with The DropTimes [TDT] will ensure extensive event coverage, providing updates, insights, and interviews to keep the global Drupal community informed and engaged. Attendees and followers can expect detailed reports and highlights from the various sessions and activities scheduled during the camp.

We sincerely thank all the individuals and event organizers who have worked tirelessly to bring this collaboration to fruition. Their dedication and effort are pivotal in making DrupalCamp Spain 2024 a success.

For more details about DrupalCamp Spain 2024, visit the event's website.

This announcement marks another step in The DropTimes' commitment to supporting and promoting the Drupal community worldwide.

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