DrupalCon Prague Grants and Scholarship

The grant and scholarship applications for DrupalCon Prague 2022 are open till 23rd June 2022. Fill out the applications to get grants, scholarships and inclusion funds to help cover costs to attend DrupalCon Prague 2022.

The funds are managed by Kuoni Tumlare, Congress (Kuoni Destination Management s.r.o.), the award eligibility and recipients are determined by a global team of community members who make the selection. This team changes with each DrupalCon.

The selection criteria for grants focus on the importance of the applicant to the Drupal project as a whole. If your contributions can make a difference by attending sprints, mentoring sessions, or other activities, and your attendance to DrupalCon Prague will help advance the Drupal project, then you can definitely apply for the grant.

Scholarships are awarded based on the impact or influence the applicant has in their home region's Drupal community and Drupal adoption. Are you supporting your local community by organizing camps, meetups or other events? Are you training or mentoring promising Drupal talent in an underserved market? Or do you promote Drupal in your home region and help form useful partnerships? Then you should apply for a scholarship. 

The inclusion funds program provides support to those who are traditionally underrepresented and/or marginalized in the open source communities who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend tech events for financial reasons. Cisgender women, Transgender/non-binary people, Intersex people, People of color, Immigrants/refugees and Disabled people can apply for this grant.

The funding is limited to one per person per calendar year. The funding for DrupalCon Prague 2022 consists of €500 traveling and accommodation costs, plus a free ticket to the conference. Any recipients who have received four fundings in the past will not be eligible for one year following their fourth award. If a funding recipient has already received a free DrupalCon Prague ticket as a track chair, speaker, trainer, etc., they are not eligible to receive another ticket as part of the funding benefits.

In exchange you should meet any deadlines set by the coordinators, follow any provided purchasing or reimbursement instructions and volunteer 4 or more hours onsite at DrupalCon Prague.