Top Drupal 9 Books to Read


Update: We have published the list of the latest Drupal Books with Drupal 10 support as a new article - Books on Drupal: Essential Reading List for Decoding Drupal

Like the saying goes ‘Books are the training weights of the mind’ you can use Drupal books to learn about module development, different types of frameworks and creations, marketing and more. Here are a few books that you may find helpful.

1. Digital Marketing with Drupal by José Fernandes

This book has step-by-step explanations of essential concepts, practical examples, and self-assessment questions. It will take you through the most popular digital marketing techniques and how to apply them, including content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, CRM, and marketing automation, and the latest developments in website personalization and AI marketing. Once you've learned the fundamentals of digital marketing, you'll see how to apply them to your Drupal website or online store. In addition, you'll discover how Drupal can help you better manage your tasks and automate some of them. The book will help you discover the free modules available, how to use them, and how to integrate Drupal with external marketing-related platforms and services.

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2. Expert in Drupal 9 Front-end Development by Fran Gill

This book covers topics like development environment, installation and configuration of themes, creating themes, twig Templates in Drupal, html5 and CSS3, responsive design, introduction to PHP and Javascript, jQuery, Decoupled Drupal and more.

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3. Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building by Fran Gill

Site Building is all that can be done through the user interface without programming. Drupal has a large number of contributed modules that allow us to extend Drupal’s functionality and build complex websites. The book will look at what functionality is included in Drupal core and how that is extended through contributed modules.

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4. Expert in Drupal 9 Back-end Development by Fran Gill

The book covers topics like setting up the development environment, introduction to the GNU/Linux terminal and version control with Git, PHP, MySQL, Symfony, Drush, Module development, Forms, Plugins, Themes, Entities, Cron and queue, Cache API and much more.

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5. Drupal 9 Module Development, 3rd Edition

The book starts by introducing you to the Drupal 9 architecture and its subsystems before showing you how to create your first module with basic functionality. You’ll explore the Drupal logging and mailing systems, learn how to output data using the theme layer and work with menus and links programmatically. This Drupal guide will take you through different kinds of data storage before helping you to create custom entities and field types and leverage the Database API for lower-level database queries. You’ll also learn how to introduce JavaScript into your module, work with various file systems, and ensure that your code works on multilingual sites. Finally, you’ll work with Views, create automated tests, and write secure code.

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