Drupal.org Updates for the 2nd Quarter of 2022


Tim Hestenes Lehnen in a blog on the Drupal.org gave out the updates for the 2nd Quarter of 2022. He began by talking about DrupalCon Prague and how it felt like a true community homecoming. Tim then moved on to talk about the Drupal.org updates.

1. GitLab Acceleration: In the GitLab acceleration initiative project testing has been moved from DrupalCI to GitLabCI. GitLabCI is going to provide more flexible testing options, and put more control in the hands of maintainers. There are approximately 20 contrib projects who have opted to help with testing the tools. The team is also working with the GitLab team to add per-project CI limits.

2. Secure Signing for Automatic Updates: The team with Consensus Enterprises has launched the Rugged TUF project. Rugged is a server-side implementation of The Update Framework (TUF) that aims to secure software supply chains. The team is standing up the infrastructure to host this signing server and integrate it with Drupal.org's packaging pipeline. Once in production, the Automatic Updates initiative will enable fully unattended automatic updates. 

3. Drupal.org Sub-site updates: The team has been working on upgrades to some of the drupal.org subsites like Api.Drupal.org and Events.Drupal.org that have had significant overhauls and will be launched before the end of 2022. The community has also made massive progress on localize.drupal.org.

4. Packaging Upgrades: In this quarter the team optimized the order of packaging operations, dependency resolution steps to improve packaging performance and prepared for integrating the signing process for automatic updates. This process reaps benefits for the regular releases, and is also crucial for security release windows when the security team often needs to make multiple versions available in quick succession. 

5. Publishing non-Drupal PHP projects to Packagist: Drupal.org recently added a 'general project' content type for submitting projects/libraries that aren't traditional Drupal extensions, but are still relevant to Drupal, like Javascript libraries, Drush extensions, or PHP libraries. These more general PHP libraries are now published to packagist when relevant. This is important to the new 'starter kit' initiative where 'recipes' will be directly published to Packagist, that will install Drupal with a predefined stack of extensions and configuration. 

6. More features for organizing community events: The team with Events Organizer Working Group has made a variety of improvements to the community event portal. These changes include filtering and categories, improvements to the map and more.

7. User Database Clean-up prior to SSO solution launch: Drupal.org will soon have a new Single-Sign-On solution based on Keycloak. Due to this change, there is a need for some maintenance and clean up to the Drupal user database. A new SSO solution is part of the Drupal.org D9 upgrade strategy that also gives new tools to use and accommodate third-party services the community may want to use like chat services or even using Drupal.org identity for camp websites.

8. Membership system migration: Drupal Association's individual membership management system has been updated. They are now using Classy, a non-profit membership tool suite that provides greater integration with Salesforce, and other new options for membership campaigns. 

9. Drupal Steward invoicing improvements: Drupal Steward is a web application firewall used by the Drupal Association and security team to provide protection for customer sites in the event of highly critical releases. In the 2nd Quarter the invoicing format has been updated to better accommodate the common requirements of finance departments. This makes it easier for agencies and end-users to manage their Steward participation.

10. More options for understanding organization contribution history: The team has added more filters to the 'all credit view' on each organization profile. This makes it easier to understand an organization's contribution history over time.


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