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Dori Kelner has a unique perspective on the tech industry, working as a woman in tech for many decades, as well as living the entrepreneurial lifestyle. She has served for over 15 years as Managing Partner of Sleight-of-Hand Studios, a Drupal agency in the Washington, DC area, assisting her clients in creating solid strategic visions for their web presence.

Dori also owns Insightful Culture, a firm committed to assisting companies and individuals to find a mindfulness approach to managing stress. Dori identifies corporate culture issues that lead to stress in the workplace, customizing programs and workshops to alleviate burnout. She is a certified yoga teacher and is studying at the Mindfulness Center at Brown University School of Public Health.

Dori holds an AB from Cornell University and an MS in information management from University of Maryland University College. She serves on the planning teams for, and has spoken at, DrupalCon and Drupal GovCon. She is also active in NTEN, ASAE, and the Cornell Alumni Association. In her spare time, Dori loves to cook and play golf and is a certified wine educator.

Dori has a passion for building organizational culture. At Esteemed, she serves as the VP of Human Workplace, creating a compassionate, people-first workplace for Esteemed's Drupal workforce and business partners. Her work is informed by her company, Insightful Culture, in which she designs workplace programs for stress management, resilient leadership, and cultural change. Dori is a longstanding member of the Drupal community, and credentialed as a mindfulness teacher and workplace facilitator.

As a tech leader and entrepreneur, she has a passion for building organizational culture with a strong orientation towards valuing people. As founder of Insightful Culture, she design workplace programs in stress management, resilient leadership, and cultural change. She also lead mindfulness workshops and offer MBSR classes for individuals. She is credentialed as an MBSR teacher by the Mindfulness Center at Brown University’s School of Public Health, certified as a Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator by Mindful Leader, and is the Community Manager for Meditate Together from Mindful Leader, an international drop-in meditation 24-hours/day, 5 days/week.


Esteemed Inc. is a multi-channel brand and integrated service provider. They provide pre-screened, contract experts for various specialty areas either on a contract, contract-to-hire, or permanent basis. At Esteemed, they take great pride in their mission: to help job seekers succeed in their chosen careers and to assist employers in scaling their businesses. Esteemed has its headquarters at Olympia in Washington State. Products include Esteemed Talent Network, Contractors, Esteemed Digital and Esteemed Screening. Services include Digital Delivery, Agile Coaching, Technical Archit...

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