Take Control of Your Tech Career: Focus, Prioritize, and Launch

Topic: Developer | Audience: Beginner


Taking control of your career means taking control of your own well-being. This allows you to connect with your purpose, align your goals, and develop the skills necessary to achieve them. This training will set you up for success by providing you with concepts and tools that will help you build your confidence and grow your career, no matter where you are on your journey.

Through individual and small group exercises, we will set intentions for our time together and clarify our career goals. You will learn how your brain can actually work against your career success by leaving you fearful, negative, and reactive – in other words – really stressed out. Together we will practice contemplative techniques that will put you on the path to success as you learn to develop deep focus, make better decisions, and respond to the unexpected with clarity and perspective.

As we move through the day, your career goals will become the basis for investigating your core values, objectives, and tasks. You will build practical skills for prioritization of your tasks so that you can use your time as efficiently as possible.

You will learn how to access your brain’s internal to-do list and walk through multiple methods, frameworks, and tools for task prioritization and scheduling. You will walk away with actionable techniques for managing your tasks and accomplishing your goals. 

As you wrap up the day, you will learn a method of evaluating your Developer Reputation by auditing your public profiles. In the audit, we will collectively look for evidence of:

  • Experience (“What you have done”)
  • Skills (“What you can do”)
  • Community contribution (“What you give back”)

We will take a closer look at several examples in each category, including LinkedIn profiles, portfolio websites, code samples, demo apps, Open Source software projects and code contributions, and the all-important Drupal.org profile. With each example, you will gain perspective to help you know whether you have a good one or a bad one (or in some cases, none at all). You will learn to view yourself through the eyes of a hiring manager, and leave with a checklist of action items to improve the way you present yourself online.

Throughout the day, there will be opportunities to do deep personal work, as well as tap into the collective wisdom of the group. We hope that you leave the training feeling aligned with your purpose and vision, connected to yourself and to others in the group, and empowered with smart strategies and tools for achieving your career goals.


Discover how neuroscience can help you to reduce stress while building your concentration, resilience, and communication skills.

Feel connected and well-equipped, with clarified objectives and new skills to help you stay organized and optimized for ultimate well-being.

Learn how to audit your public profiles for evidence of your skills, experience, and community contributions, and make a plan to enhance your Developer Reputation.


There are no prerequisites for this training.



Training Length: Full Day | Room: TBD | Timeslot: Full Day (9:00 AM - 4:00 PM)

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