Jori Regter

I'm Jori (he/him) and a developer with 5 years of professional experience.

My favorite thing to do is collaborating in multidisciplinary teams to create relevant digital experiences. Usually I take a lead role in projects and I enjoy working on projects where orchestrating things in the right way leads to a cleverly designed and developed experience. Technology is ever-changing and I'm always on the lookout for new ways to create in this landscape.

I'm passionate about working for projects that offer social value. 

(Description from LinkedIn profile)


iO is the short form for infinite opportunities, states a promotional video of the company. The company’s LinkedIn page gives the information posted below: iO is an end-to-end agency designing and executing solutions for the strategic, creative, digital & marketing needs of today and tomorrow. We not only help clients to achieve their business objectives, together we discover and exploit the endless possibilities – infinite opportunities – that a constantly changing market offers. We aim to exceed the limits of a traditional full-service agency, putting together the right expert teams...