Drupal Tech Talk Series in Netherland

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A few Drupal organizations based out of the Netherlands have started a new series of Drupal Tech Talks, and the first meeting happened on October 20, 2022. Finalist hosted the first tech talk in its office at Maarssen. SwisSynetic, and React Online are the other organizing companies that have joined hands for this series of talks.  

The Drupal tech talks founded by Marc van Gendt stand by the community and for the community. The first four editions will be at the organizing parties' offices. After that, participants can propose a location themselves. React Online will organize the next edition. The date will be announced as soon as possible.

Developers gave presentations on various technical topics that revolved around Drupal. 

In Maarssen, three speakers highlighted Drupal with their own stories. Rolf van de Krol started by showing the audience how Swis manages the various Drupal websites up to date. Then it was the turn of David Bekker, who showed when Drupal 9 would reach its end of life, when Drupal 11 and 12 would make their appearance, and most importantly: that we have to get started updating our sites to Drupal 10 as soon as possible!

The last speaker of the evening was Jori Regter, who took the attendees on the journey that every developer often makes: finding a particular, but not at least annoying bug in an essential high-traffic website.

During the first ted talk, the attendees of the event were provided with an enhanced catering menu throughout the event. If you missed it and want to be part of this fascinating journey, follow up on the Slack group announcements.

Source: erik.huijs/Finalist blog

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