The Promote Drupal initiative is a dedicated group of marketers within the Drupal community who are passionate about fostering the growth of the Drupal brand. Their main purpose is to create business marketing materials targeted towards decision-makers who are considering adopting Drupal for their businesses.

Their efforts focus on producing brand-standardized marketing content that anyone within the Drupal community can use to promote Drupal services to potential clients and expand Drupal adoption globally. The initiative ensures that the materials maintain a consistent messaging, look, and feel, giving Drupal a professional and unified image.

Comprising mostly agency employees with expertise in Drupal and open source, the Promote Drupal team collaborates to create a library of resources to assist agencies worldwide in effectively showcasing the benefits of Drupal. By working together, they aim to elevate Drupal's worldwide brand presence and encourage more businesses to embrace Drupal as their preferred CMS solution.

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