A Call to Gather Resources to Track Drupal Usage in Industry Sectors

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A recent project has been initiated to collect and compile data pertaining to Drupal's utilization across various industry sectors, shedding light on the platform's extensive adoption in different domains. The effort, as presented by Paul Johnson, seeks to address the need for readily available evidence of Drupal's successful implementation within peer organizations, aiming to provide invaluable insights for evaluators navigating the CMS marketplace.

The DropTimes [TDT] has already published a comprehensive study on Drupal's usage in prominent educational institutions worldwide, which can set the right example for this new project. Initial findings revealed an impressive 80% adoption rate among the top 100 universities, reflecting Drupal's substantial presence in the academic sphere. 

This project by TDT elicited further research endeavours, including assessments of CMS usage among global city websites, non-profit organizations, and scientific research entities, with ongoing data collection efforts. Grzegorz Pietrzak's study on global city website trends analysis further underscores Drupal's influence across diverse sectors, amplifying the platform's prominence within various industry verticals. The full study is published on our website; read it here

Additionally, TheDropTimes plans to continue publishing studies like these. Data collection is underway for several categories, including:

  • CMS usage among country websites
  • CMS usage among non-profit organizations in the USA
  • CMS usage among scientific research organizations in the USA
    and many more.

We welcome suggestions for other lists we could compile. The methodology used to compile the university list is documented here: Behind the Scenes: Drupal's Footprint in Top Universities.

This new initiative by Paul Johnson aims to consolidate resources such as the studies presented above and make them readily available to the Promote Drupal evaluator team, significantly contributing to the platform's visibility and impact within digital services. The comprehensive nature of these studies highlights Drupal's widespread adoption and serves as a pivotal resource for organizations and evaluators seeking to comprehend and leverage the platform's capabilities effectively.  

Read more about the project here.

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