ChatGPT for Drupal content editors

8 Mar 2024, 4:35 pm
50 Minutes

In this session led by Vincenzo Gambino, an integration of Drupal and ChatGPT is proposed, opening doors to new possibilities within the digital landscape. Gambino will demonstrate how to harness the power of the GPT model to generate text and perform various tasks, including answering questions, summarizing content, and creating new content.

The integration process involves leveraging the OpenAI API, allowing developers to access the GPT model and execute API calls directly from within a Drupal module or theme. Additionally, Gambino will showcase how the generated text can seamlessly integrate into Drupal, whether it's displayed on custom pages or blocks, or utilized to generate meta tags or product descriptions.

This innovative integration of Drupal and ChatGPT has the potential to transform the user experience of websites and web applications, providing a more natural and intuitive interaction for users. Join the session to explore the future of digital content creation and user engagement.

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