Mikko Hämäläinen (mkoh)

Agile organisation leader with a developer background :) I've been working with Drupal since 2008 in sales and business development roles. During the years I've given various Drupal-related talks:
- Mobilization, JS Driven Applications (and Drupal), 2012 DrupalCamp Finland
- Fun and profit from GDPR, 2017 DrupalCamp Nordics
- GDPR panelist, 2017 Drupal Business Days Frankfurt


Druid consists of carefully selected, highly skilled Drupal enthusiasts. Our focus is mostly on large, challenging web systems where performance optimization, stability, and high code quality are absolutely vital. We contribute regularly to the community and are familiar faces on all local and major international Drupal-events. Contact us for consulting, full project deliveries or just emergency help. Just be prepared to work with agile methods. Our office is located in Helsinki, Finland.

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