Talking Drupal Helps Share People's Experiences in Drupal: Nic Laflin | NEDCamp

17 November, 2022
Nic Laflin

The New England Drupal Camp 2022 is in this weekend. We asked between 5 to 8 questions to every speaker at the camp via email/slack. Some questions were common to all, and some were specific. We also gave them a choice not to answer any particular question. The Drop Times got written responses from most of the speakers. We are publishing those short conversations as a series. Here is the fifth interview.  

Nic Laflin is known best for Talking Drupal Podcast, where he is a cohost with John Picozzi and had been there from the start from when Stephen Cross began the podcast. Founder and Drupal Architect at nLightened, Nic is also one of the organizers behind the New England Drupal Camp. He will deliver the session ‘Make the fastest site you’ve ever seen using Tome and Native Web Components’ this Saturday at Room: New Hampshire (Gaige 202) as part of NEDCamp 2022. Let us read what he has to share. 

TDT: [1] A brief introduction about yourself and your work in Drupal

Nic Laflin: My name is Nic; I have been working with Drupal since 2008 in Drupal 5!

TDT: [2] The community parlance is that ‘you come for the code but stay for the community.’ How did you first get introduced to the community? 

Nic Laflin: My first introduction to the community was via IRC, looking for some help with taxonomy and forums. From there, I was introduced to the Boston Drupal meetup and the Western Mass Drupal camp (now NERD SUMMIT)

TDT: [3] Tell us about what you present in the New England DrupalCamp 2022 and who should attend your session. 

Nic Laflin: I’m presenting on updating my site to use a TOME so I can use Drupal for editing and have a public static site. I used native web components to build the fastest most accessible site I could.

Anyone interested in practical applications of Native Web Components or statically generated Drupal sites using Tome would be a great audience.

TDT: [4] Everyone is waiting for the Drupal 10 release this December. What is the most exciting feature of Drupal 10 for you?

Nic Laflin: Project Browser and Ckeditor 5 are probably the #1 things I am looking forward to in Drupal 10

TDT: [5] After multiple extensions of Drupal 7 end-of-life, a final sundown is set for November 2023. It has been around for a decade and is the most popular Drupal distribution. Even after extending the deadline, there are a lot of websites that still run on Drupal 7. What is your advice for people staying on Drupal 7?

Nic Laflin: For users still on Drupal 7 now is the time to begin rebuilding your site!

TDT: [6] You are one of the organizers of the New England Drupal Camp. Care to speak a little about the History of NEDCamp?

Nic Laflin: I’ve been helping organize NEDCamp since the beginning. It was inspired by other local camps and looking to build a regional Drupal camp for the New England area.

TDT: [7] You were a cohost at the Talking Drupal podcast. We would like to hear about your experiences from there. 

Nic Laflin: Talking Drupal has been a great way to connect with the community to help share people’s experiences in Drupal and bring attention to various initiatives. It’s truly been one of the best experiences to cohost TD for the past 9 years and 373 Episodes!


Join Nic Laflin at NEDCamp 2022 for a live session, ‘Make the fastest site you’ve ever seen using Tome and Native Web Components’ at Room: New Hampshire (Gaige 202), from 11:00 am to 11:45 am on Saturday, Nov 19th 2022, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI. Click here to Register.

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