Heather Wozniak (heatherwoz)

Heather Wozniak is currently a technical stratergist at Four Kitchens. She is a web developer and project manager living in the Seattle area. her specialties include technical planning, UX design and strategy, Drupal web development (front-end and back-end), accessibility, and information design. At Four Kitchens, she provides technical oversight of Drupal web projects and ongoing support for specific clients.

Before joining the agency world, she created and managed a web framework for academic departments in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Washington. And prior to that, Heather developed websites for many organizations at UCLA as a graduate student and a staff member in the Office of Information Technology


Four Kitchens
Four Kitchens is a digital agency that helps organizations create websites, applications, and design systems. They make transformative digital platforms for universities, publishers, and nonprofits. Four Kitchens is also the creator of Emulsify Design systems, an open-source tool for creating design systems with clear guidelines and reusable components. They specialize in user experience, decoupled architecture, user-friendly interface, development, and staff augmentation. Four Kitchens uses tools like content management, static site generator, JavaScript, Storybook, Pattern Lab,...

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