Jeremy Chinquist (jjchinquist)

Drupal Enthusiast since 2006 and the Drupal-Austria cashier since 2015. Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, I work and enjoy life in Vienna. Graduated with a masters in Information Management from the Technical University of Vienna. A short time ago also became a Scrum Master.

Contributor roles
DrupalCamp or DrupalCon speaker CreditAttribution
From 2013-01
DrupalCon Volunteer
From 2017-05 until 2017-11
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From 2022-04


drunomics is an expert in developing high-performance web applications, based in Vienna, Austria. We deliver digital experiences by leveraging the innovative open-source technologies Drupal and Vue.js. Our ready-to-go solutions allow clients to kick-start their projects while we tailor them to their needs in an agile fashion. Our deep knowledge and DevOps mindset helps make our projects a success! Solutions & Services drunomics provides ready-to-go decoupled, Drupal-based solutions, e.g. for Publishing and Marketing websites Agile Drupal development services Drupal consultin...

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