Kristen Pol

Kristen Pol has been a Drupal Architect and Developer since 2004, starting with Drupal 4.4. She is an Acquia Grand Master and has certification in Drupal 7 Developer and Drupal 7 Front-end and backend specialist. 

Kristen Pol is a Director, Products at QuantCDN, founder of Itty Bitty Byte and is a Senior Technical Consultant at Salsa Digital. She has also written a book called Drupal 7 Multilingual Sites. 

She has expertise in architecture, content strategy, development, analytics, site building, search engine optimization, project management, leadership, and mentoring. Kristen has worked on National Nurse United, Marageti, Sunpower, Nature Bridge, Boomerang Project, and more.

Kristen has contributed Featured Content Module, SEO Friend Module, and Views Examples Module. She has also contributed to Multilingual Drupal 7 Demo and 8 Multilingual Demo installation profiles. 

Kristen was part of multiple presentations and training for numerous DrupalCons, camps, and meetings. She also has a total of 376 commits for different Drupal projects.


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