How Many Volunteered on Drupal 10 Global Porting Day August 22 Event?

We had two major Drupal 10 global porting day events, one in July and the other in August. The statistics for the 2nd event from August 2022 is out.

Kristen Pol created the issue to count the number of people participated, identify them, determine the number of organizations involved and which ones, how many issues were attempted and what is their status. 

A total of 126 issues were attempted amongst which 29 are closed, 5 are fixed, 34 needs review, 0 needs work, 14 are active and zero postponed. 35 issues are marked RTBC. Now RTBC can mean either ‘reviewed and tested by the community’ or ‘ready to be committed’. 

There were a total of 10 mentors and 59 participants from 32 organizations. 

QED42 (12), Drupal India Association (9), SystemSeed (5), EPAM Systems (3), Acquia (2), Slalom (2) and Srijan Technologies (2) had more than one participants. Other organizations that participated in the event are: AblerzNL, Bounteous, Drupal Association, GitLab, Horizontal, Indicia, Itty Bitty Byte, Salsa Digital, Kalamuna, Lake Drops, M D Systems_CH, Mobomo Apps, Open Campus, Ramsalt Lab, S J Innovation, Shorthand, Skilld, SWIS, Tomato Elephant Studio, WebCoo, werk21, Western Washington University, and Zyxware Technologies. 

The first Drupal 10 global porting day that happened in July 28 had almost 60 participants from 25+ organizations. 

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