Em Wilson

Em Wilson is a current member of the Air National Guard and a Technical Recruiter at CivicActions. She is teaming up with Dave Pickett who is a UX Content Designer at CivicActions for their project with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Together they will share the difference CivicActions is making in the lives of veterans - and employing them too!


What we doCivicActions helps government agencies better serve the public through large-scale modernization projects that impact the lives of millions of people. Open source technologies (such as Drupal) and human-centered design are at the core of our work.We partner with agencies to solve complex problems and improve the delivery of critical services like Veteran benefits, health care for retirees, adult education, and national scientific research. We are known for our Drupal expertise, our open and agile practices, and our commitment to building products that put people first.Le...