Christoph Weber

Solutions Architect - Pronovix and Digital P{olygon 2021 - present
CTO - MyShroom 2020 - 2021
Director of Technology Services - Achieve Internet 2018 -2019
Director of Technology - SourceForge Media 2016 - 2018
Director of Technology - BIZX, LLC 2013 - 2018
Group Administrator - San Diego Drupal User Group 2008 - 2017
Director of DevOps - Sage Tree Solutions 2012 - 2013
President - Pennant Village HOA 2000 - 2018
High Performance Computing Manager - The Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute 2009 - 2012


Solutions Architect
Pronovix began as a professional software development firm specializing in Drupal in 2005. We invested significant energy in developing client partnerships which enabled our clients to manage and maintain their sites independently. We strongly believe that success is best reached through cooperation and knowledge sharing, an approach we take both with our clients and with the entire open source world. We operate internationally with clients around the world and company members and partners based throughout Europe and North America.Devportals as a ServiceOur participation in the de...
Solutions Architect
Digital Polygon
At Digital Polygon, our vision is to spread the power of technology to the world. We work with brands to stand out in the ever crowded digital world. Our team has decades of experience integrating, innovating, and managing technologies to solve our clients hardest problems.Our team is made up primarily of experienced Drupal architects with > 10 years of experience working with Drupal. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, we are the partner for you:Dev OpsDo you looking to integrate automation in your development workflow?Do you continue to experience quality iss...

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