Digital Polygon

At Digital Polygon, our vision is to spread the power of technology to the world. We work with brands to stand out in the ever crowded digital world. Our team has decades of experience integrating, innovating, and managing technologies to solve our clients hardest problems.

Our team is made up primarily of experienced Drupal architects with > 10 years of experience working with Drupal. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, we are the partner for you:

Dev Ops

  1. Do you looking to integrate automation in your development workflow?
  2. Do you continue to experience quality issues with your releases?
  3. Is your build process manual and time consuming?
  4. Are you overwhelmed by the number of issues which make it into QA, UAT or Production?


  1. Are you looking for validation that your site is secure?
  2. Are you concerned that your site is not up to date with the necessary security patches/updates?
  3. Would you like validation or recommendations on approaches for complex security requirements around hosting, auth, apis, etc... ?


  1. Do you suspect you are overpaying for your hosting infrastructure due to poor performance optimization?
  2. Are you struggling to capitalize on ad revenue due to slow page load times?
  3. Are you experiencing issues with caching?
  4. Are you constantly asking for your team to clear your site caches so your updates are reflected on your website?

Architecture Support/SME

  1. Do you find your team doing major rework of existing features when new requirements are introduced?
  2. Is your team struggling to identify scalable solutions to your problems?
  3. Are you running into issues building a platform that supports multiple websites?
  4. Are you experiencing difficulty build feature sets which can be shared across sites on a platform?
  5. Are you looking for validation on an approach to a complex integration?
  6. Are you struggling with Drupal 8 core or contributed upgrades?
  7. Are you struggling to incorporate reusable components into your website?
  8. Are you looking to audit your website to validate that it is build well and will be maintainable?

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