Pratik Kamble

Sr Software Engineer at Pantheon | Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Expert - Drupal 8 | Terraform Certified

I am a senior Software Engineer (Backend specialist) with 6 years of extensive experience in Drupal 7 & 8 designing & implementing solutions via site building & custom module development. I love to dig into bug solving, creating new solutions, optimizing existing code, contributing to Drupal's core and modules, and helping others in the community on Drupal Slack.

I have experience with the following tools and technology:

Drupal | PHP | MYSQL | HTML | CSS | jQuery
AWS | Talend | PhoneGap
Drush | Drupal Console
SequelPro | VS Code | PHPStorm
MAMP | Docker | Native | DrupalVM | Lando | Docksal
Drush | Drupal Console
Acquia BLT | Lightning | Acquia Site Factory
Git | Github | Bitbucket
Linux (Centos, Ubuntu) | Mac OS | Window 10
Blackfire | Tideways


I have achieved the following certifications so far:

  1. Acquia Certified Site Builder - Drupal 7
  2. Acquia Certified Developer - Drupal 8
  3. Acquia Certified Back End Specialist - Drupal 8
  4. Acquia Certified Front End Specialist - Drupal 8


If you are wondering where you can see most of my contribution, then please head to my


Sr Software Engineer
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