Jessica Cobb

Jessica Cobb, Emerging Technologist and founder of Mission Control Lab, invents products that advance the connection to the world as we know it. For the last 10 years she has carried the torch for developing the future of 21st Century tools and talent in Edtech, Medtech, and beyond for startups and big brands. She founded Mission Control Lab to pioneer products that ignite inclusion, innovation and a greater participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Mission Control Lab
The future is an inventure that starts today.We provide storytelling technology to classrooms, boardrooms and kitchen tables. Our gear, MakeON®, and guidance system, Inventure™, facilitate exploration, ideation and communication of systems from I to AI.MakeON® is a hands-on physical product for making wearables, walls and objects come alive in minutes from no code - code- cloud.Inventure™ is a web-based platform for inventure of all kinds, regardless of physical material, for social networking (individuals), content co-creation (education) and coopetition/collaboration (industry)....