Owen Barton

Owen Barton joined CivicActions as Director of Engineering in 2005. He has been developing elegant solutions in Drupal for over 12 years and is widely credited with building one of the most reputable and experienced Drupal engineering teams on the planet.

Owen serves as technical strategist, planner and innovation lead for nearly all ofCivicActions’ clients. He is a strong advocate for agile methodologies, collaborative open source development, and user-driven development to help organizations achieve greater results online. Clients he has worked with at CivicActions include several federal agencies, the San Francisco Human Services Agency, and many NGOs, including Amnesty International, ACLU, Smithsonian Institution, Transparency International, American Public Media, Center for Reproductive Rights and Greenpeace.


What we doCivicActions helps government agencies better serve the public through large-scale modernization projects that impact the lives of millions of people. Open source technologies (such as Drupal) and human-centered design are at the core of our work.We partner with agencies to solve complex problems and improve the delivery of critical services like Veteran benefits, health care for retirees, adult education, and national scientific research. We are known for our Drupal expertise, our open and agile practices, and our commitment to building products that put people first.Le...