Damien McKenna

Damien McKenna or DamienMcKenna the community lead at MediaCurrent has been on Drupal for over 15 years. He has worked with companies in the custom computer technologies, multi-level marketing, consulting and publishing sector. Damien worked with companies like The Batavian, ThinkDrop Consulting, MCR technologies and more.

He has expertise in site building, developing and architecture. He is the host of Mediacurrent Contrib Half hour and has maintained/ co-maintained a number of modules. Damien was a security team member and a contributed module, theme or distribution maintainer.

In addition to contributing patches he has also contributed to Drupal documentation and Drupal issue queue with over 500 issues fixed in the last year. He has also reviewed project applications and helped mentor new contributors. He has been credited for 38 security advisories and over 3000 project commits.


Mediacurrent is an Atlanta-based Drupal development and digital marketing company. They are a single-source digital partner for design, development, training, and strategy. Mediacurrent also offers ongoing Drupal support options to their customers. Mediacurrent is a firm believer of open source principles, contributing code, and sharing knowledge to strengthen the Drupal community. They believe in education, collaboration, and providing predictable results for their customers' projects. Mediacurrent has organized, participated in, and sponsored many Drupal events nationwide. The...