Cori Neslund (cneslund)

Agile Project Manager at Based out of Chicago, Illinois, United States. 

An experienced project manager, Cori has held core communication-focused roles in a variety of settings. From small businesses, to the United Way, Deloitte, and now; Cori has found career success by developing her ability to "read the room" and sense where wires have been crossed. Passionate about human-centered approaches to work and leadership, Cori is able to bridge the gap between technical and social communication, resolve blockers, and serve teams so that they can provide their best work to each other and their clients.

VIEW ORGANIZATION designs and develops solutions for healthcare, higher education, technology, and public sector clients using Drupal and other open source technologies. We are consultants for complex digital systems. We specialize in working with organizations in various stages of their digital transformation. We combine our expertise with theirs to help solve complex problems using an agile approach. We understand that large, transformational projects require agile approaches. Companies are not machines; they are living adaptive systems. Each deserves a partner as fluid and as dyna...