From the Director’s Desk: Milestones from Drupal’s 20th Year

Drupal Association

Heather Rocker in the last monthly newsletter from Drupal Association as Global Executive Director reflected back on the various happenings around Drupal in 2021. In her own words,”

2021 was a year of milestones for the Drupal Association. We celebrated Drupal’s 20th birthday with DrupalFest, a global community event, and embarked on a new strategic plan to help bring more — and more diverse — contributors to the Drupal project.

Here are a few accomplishments we’re proud of from the past year:

  • Despite the ongoing challenges of a global pandemic, we kept the Drupal community connected virtually at DrupalCon North America in April and DrupalCon Europe in October.
  • We announced plans to accelerate GitLab migration and expanded our engineering staff to help make it happen. (See the newsletter item below for more details.)
  • We launched Discover Drupal, the Drupal Association’s first talent and education program.
  • We hosted Supporting Partner contribution webinars and coordinated the Contribution Mentor Summit to help volunteer mentors guide new Drupal contributors.
  • We expanded contribution recognition to include more contribution types in our Drupal credit system and for recognition on Drupal profiles.
  • We made improvements to the Community Events listing, helping more people join the Drupal community through local events.

There’s still time to support our end-of-year giving campaign! You get to be a part of something much bigger every time you contribute to Drupal. Any time spent contributing and building in Drupal can have a direct effect on millions of lives.

This type of opportunity is hard to find anywhere else, and it’s free! You can build a business, grow professionally and change outcomes for millions of people. We humbly ask that you help sustain it! Join our #DrupalCommit end-of-year campaign to make sure we can continue supporting the people and maintaining the tools that move the Drupal project forward, through whatever challenges the coming year may bring. Your ongoing support helps us equip, inspire, and connect the global community of innovators who build with and rely on Drupal. Together, we’re not only helping advance the Drupal platform, we’re helping to build businesses and careers around the world.

Thank you all for your support in 2021, and please consider donating to help the association make more progress on the strategic plan in the coming year. Donate by 31 December 2021, to help make 2022 the best year yet for the Drupal Association. Learn more.

(Taken from Drupal Association’s December Newsletter)

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