NEDCamp in November; Are You Going?

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The 9th annual New England Drupal Camp 2022 will be held on November 18-19 from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm ET at Rhode Island College, Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Friday, November 18, will be Training Day with half and full-day training sessions. Conference sessions happen on Saturday, November 19.

Attendees for the conference should pay a $25 registration fee, which includes light breakfast, lunch, t-shirt, sessions, keynote presentation, after-party and fellowship with like-minded people. Register Here for the camp. 

Kaleem Clarkson will deliver the keynote address this year on the subject, “Career contributions: How the community can change your life.” Kaleem is the COO of Blend Me, Inc, a remote people operations consultancy that helps startups and small businesses transform into high-functioning remote or hybrid-remote workplaces. The session will be from 1:15 - 2:15 pm on the Session Day at Gaige Auditorium. The subject is intriguing as well as the need of the hour as the role of community and community building have been at the focus of discussions recently following the rants around gaming of issue credit system. Read more about the keynote here.

Training is also chargeable. The camp provides 8 training opportunities. Full-day training is $100, and half-day training is $50. 

On Friday, there will be three half-day training sessions in the morning and one in the afternoon. There will also be three full-day training sessions run simultaneously. The rooms are yet to be decided, although the sessions have been announced. 

Michael Miles, Director of Web Development at MIT Sloan, is taking a half-day session, “Intro to automation for Drupal projects.” The audience level is marked as beginner, and the topic is set to DevOps. Find the details about this training session here

Rick Hood, Lead Drupal Developer at Common Media, Inc., is offering training titled ‘Drupal 101’. Marked for a beginner audience with ‘developer’ as the topic, this training is for anyone who knows little about Drupal and wants to learn the basics. The session is divided into three sections. Details are available here

Andy Bloom, Senior Front End Developer with Lullabot, will lead an intermediate-level training session marked as front-end with the subject line, “Intermediate to Advanced Drupal Front-end Development.” Details are available here

While the above-mentioned sessions run parallel from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm, the next half-day training session will begin at 1.00 pm and end at 4.00 pm. On accessibility, Donna Bungard, Project Manager at FFW, is offering the training titled “Debunking Normal: Accessibility Awareness Training.” Details can be accessed here

Full-day training sessions start at 9.00 am and will continue until 4.00 pm. 

Stephen Cross, a host of Talking Drupal and the co-founder of Parallax Information Technology, who works on Drupal projects for the Department of Justice, shall deliver a beginner-level training session, “Drupal development on Linux.” The topic is marked as DevOps. Find the details of the session here

Dori Kelner, VP, of Human Workplaces at Esteemed Inc, and Matt Obert, Director of Engineering at Esteemed Inc, will jointly provide the training marked for beginner level with ‘developer’ as the topic. Details about the session titled “Take Control of Your Tech Career: Focus, Prioritize, and Launch” is available here

The third full-day training session with the front end as the topic is marked for the intermediate audience. Chris Wells, the Owner/Developer of Redfin Solutions LLC, is offering the training “Learn Svelte”. Svelte is a relatively new JavaScript framework with which the Project Browser contrib module was written. The class will be hands-on and will focus on building a svelte app. Details are available here

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