Last Day At Prague DrupalCon

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Day 4, final day at DrupalCon Prague was dedicated to contribution. The drupal community pays apt attention to contribution and helping out in the Drupal tech community.

First-time contributor workshop

On the final Day at DrupalCon Prague they held “First-Time Contributor Workshops” for all those that are new to the process of contributing. Many will be new to contributing and different opportunities arise based on experience level. This session spoke about familiarising oneself with community tools:, issue queues, communication channels, and if needed, installing Drupal 8 or 9 locally. 

General Contribution Day 4

If you have experience with Drupal issues and maybe already picked a team/topic, General Contribution is for you. You can join one of the many groups including Drupal 9, documentation, migrate, media, frontend and lots more. General Contribution does not have formal mentoring available, but questions are welcome by the Drupal team.

Mentored Contribution

This was a mentored contribution place for all those taking their first step into contributing. The Drupal project has grown over the last 20 years because of people, just like you, who contribute their time and talent to it.

Contribution Day 4 Afternoon

The final session at DrupalCon Prague. We wish all the contributors and attendees a hearty congratulation

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