A11y Talks Needs Your Support

A11y Talks calls for your support to join the A11y cat club or give a one-time donation to support their project. A11y Talks has hosted a variety of live talks and panels covering topics related to digital accessibility for beginners, developers, and creatives. These videos are streamed and archived on the A11y Talks YouTube channel with updated captions.

Their content is available to the public as a free resource for digital accessibility education and continuing education credits for certified International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP). Your support will help them meet accessibility goals, compensate their speakers, improve their live stream productions and provide the best value possible for the community. In addition to curating content focussed on digital accessibility, A11Y Talks aims to make its digital presence, events, and activities as accessible as possible.

Interfaces are doing too much - we've gone from cognitive overload to cognitive overlords. There is so much drive in tech to increase engagement that websites and software platforms have become intrusive and annoying at best, and dangerous at worst. As an accessibility "consigliere", I come across issues every day that could be "fixed", but often a better choice is to remove or change the pattern to minimize cognitive overload. Let's take a look at some common interface patterns and explore why they exist, if they are accomplishing their intended purpose, and how we might reconsider them and slay the cognitive overlords!

This year A11yTalks has assembled an all-volunteer team that passionately contributes time and energy to sustain the project and became fiscally hosted by a non-profit, Open Collective Foundation (501)(c)(3). With the help of contributors and supporters, the A11y club can create the most accessible and entertaining space possible to grow digital accessibility knowledge in our community through our mission and values.

A11y talks' mission and values focus on accessibility, education, diversity, and community. 

If you are interested in the mission and values and want an in-depth understanding, click here.

Become a financial contributor or learn how to Budget priorities and Measure impact.

With Sibu Stephan, UI Consultant at Digital Polygon, the next accessibility talk will be on Accessibility With Dark Light Theme - December 2022. Stay tuned

This session will discuss light mode and dark modes for those who are visually impaired. We will explore what we can do in CSS to implement dark and light modes, various certifications available, and how we can improve accessibility within the Drupal content management system. To get the most out of this session, you may need to be familiar with CSS and the open source Drupal project.

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