Distributions and Recipes—A Drupal Initiative Receives New Logo

21 November, 2022

The youngest Drupal Initiative, Distributions and Recipies, released a new logo to attract better visibility for their work. The announcement came through social media channels on November 16, 2022. 


In the Drupal Slack during our regular initiative meetings there was discussion of creating an official logo for this initiative, to represent it on the primary initiative page, and be used when promoting activities related to this initiative. With the help of the Promote Drupal initiative team (specifically @shefali-shetty and @gagana-girish) a variety of logo concepts were proposed.

Source: Issue Queue

Logos suggested for Distributions and Recipes Initiative

Ultimately, concept number 7 was chosen, combining the recipe 'frying pan' with the modern Drupal drop.

Distributions and Recipes Logo

What is a Drupal recipe?

According to the brainstorming document put out by the initiative team, a Drupal recipe is a tool for Site Builders and Developers to add functionality to a Drupal site. It is like a recipe that provides a series of steps to add functionality. If site builders could choose from predefined ‘recipes’ that assembled Drupal functionality for specific needs (e.g., blog site, news site, e-commerce site, etc.), that would be a significant improvement to getting started with Drupal. 

The approach of this initiative is to create a new feature in Drupal called a “recipe” that can be installed at any point in the lifecycle of a Drupal application.

Who is this for?

The Recipes Initiative is for site-builders, maintainers of many similar sites (such as educational users), and the existing distribution maintainers. 

TDT asked a couple of questions via slack to Drupal Strategic Initiatives Marketing Team Member Shefali Shetty  and she said 

"This one's going to be of great benefit to site builders to simply plug and play"

We also contacted Adam Bergstein, one of the initiative group maintainer and a Director, Engineering at Red Hat via slack. 

"Its a long standing feature and one that can be used to, basically, spin up a site that is configured a certain way out of the box. Recipes lower the time to value for common Drupal use cases by packaging modules, configuration, and content just by running a simple command."

says Adam. 

Getting Involved

If you are intrigued by this initiative you can contact the initiative team on their  #distributions-and-recipes channel on Drupal Slack. They hold meetings once every two weeks on Tuesday at 1600 UTC (Noon EST). All are welcome.

The initiative leads appointed by Dries for this initiative are: 

Several people are developing their own recipes and contributing ideas through their experience. They are open to receiving more help on this initiative.

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