Behind the New Logo for NEDCamp: A Short Conversation with John Picozzi

Leading up to  NED-Camp in November 2022, the new logo for the  Camp was released on 19th November this year at the event.

The older logo shows elements of red and black where characters are seen rowing a boat and waving the Drupal flag. The new logo is that of a lighthouse with a white background and  blue streaks of light emerging from it. The new logo is simple but to some it commemorates great meaning.
Traditionally the symbolic meaning of a light house is viewed as hope and security.

The DropTimes asked John Picozzi, one of the organizers for NEDCamp, about the process and idea behind creating the new logo. Read through to know, what we learned from him. 

TDT: When did the planning  of this new logo begin? What was the moment NED camp organizers decided on such a change?

John Picozzi: "So the idea of rebranding NEDCamp started a few years ago. We felt that our old logo had served us well, but needed a refresh. Internally we started the conversation around new branding and produced a few tries to get something going. We talked with community members to get help, we ran a survey at our last in person camp, and most recently (this year) we even tried a logo contest.  All without much success, it turns out it was a lot harder than we thought to get camp branding off the ground. This year we had the same conversation about rebranding we had in the past. The difference was, this year we thought it best to turn to Fiverr and see what we could get done."

TDT: Light houses are a symbol of strength and safety, what is the symbolism of the light house in context with the NED-Camp?

John Picozzi: "Well at it's most basic level New England (The NE in NEDCamp) has a number of Lighthouses. It was important to us to pick a symbol that unified the New England states and one thing that does that is the Lighthouse. I even checked to make sure Vermont had Lighthouses, because they are landlocked.

After talking it over as a team it dawned on me that the lighthouse is more of a symbol for the type of camp and community we want to be. Lighthouses help boaters to safety, illuminate and educate mariners to the best ways of travel, and are a beacon of hope to travelers of long distances.

At the New England Drupal Camp and in the greater Drupal Community we want to help the community by providing a place where people can be enlightened to the possibilities and educated to the best ways to use and contribute to Drupal. We also want to be a beacon to the community that helps to support and build a strong and sustainable community for everyone."

TDT: Could you tell us about the creative process behind the new logo? what was the aim and goal of the decision made?

John Picozzi: "Once the team had agreed to move ahead with a rebranding exercise we determined two paths we wanted to travel. One was to have the designer update our current logo, the other was to create a new logo.

The second effort got the team thinking of possibilities. Ideas of tricorn hats and shellfish started flying. I don't remember who had the idea of a lighthouse, but we thought we would see what came back from the designer with that as a theme.

When we got back our first round of designs it was clear the update to our current logo wasn't going to be a contender. We then went through a few rounds of revision to the lighthouse logo to land where we are today. This process from (actual) start to finish was done in a little under a week and almost entirely communicated via slack.

This would not have been possible without the Amazing NEDCamp organizing team (Rick, Nic, Stephen, Mike, and Leslie) and their commitment to bring this new logo to life. The fact that a small team of people was able to collaborate effectively in a short time frame with such a great outcome is a testament to the power of open source.

We look forward to celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2023 with this new logo that highlight the spirit of the New England Drupal Camp."

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