Videos from NED Camp 2022 Part 2

25 November, 2022
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Ned Camp Videos 2022 part two , Click here to Part one , and Part three

Security in Drupal: what can go wrong?

This session starts with an overview of the Top Ten, and then take a more detailed look at a few of these industry standard vulnerabilities. 


How to Manage Releases using Git Tags and Semantic Versioning?

In this session attendees will learn the structure of semantic versioning and how it communicates different levels of code changes in a repository; Such as the difference between creating v1.0.1, v1.1.0 and v2.0.0 of your codebase.


The Magic of Collaboration

This session looks into the magic of 5 famous wizards for lessons in collaboration. 


Make the fastest site you've ever seen using Tome and Native Web Components

In this session speaker Nic Laflin will show you how I set up my personal site using Tome so I can use Drupal to manage content, but not have to worry about hosting.


Accessibility Quick Tests

In this session Donna Bungard will take a look at different tools out there for testing at the site level, the browser level, and manually.


Keynote: Career Contributions: How community can change your life

Kaleem Clarkson is the Chief Operating Officer of Blend Me, Inc, delivers a keynote on Why should one participate and contribute to an open source community and how community can change your life


Creating Drupal Code Projects: Drupal ATS by Esteemed:

In this session, Esteemed Director of Engineering Matt Obert will explain how Esteemed decided to sponsor the Drupal ATS project, an open-source Applicant Tracking System built on Drupal.

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