FarmOS Supports PHP 8 After 7.4 End of Life

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FarmOS 2.x officially supports PHP 8+! from the 29th of November. Yesterday, official support for PHP 7.4 ended with its  end-of-life on 28th November.

The next release will use PHP 8 in the official farmOS Docker image.

Two years after its release in 2019 the 7.4 version reports 65% of PHP applications. Users have been migrating to PHP 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2. This new major version brings with it a number of new features and some incompatibilities that should be tested for before switching PHP versions in production environments. 

Farm Os  is a web-based application software for farms. The server is built on top of Drupal and it benefits farmers worldwide, helping in agricultural management, record keeping and planning.

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