Drupal and the Farms

The Drupal Family Is Ever Growing

It is no wonder that Drupal has a vast community of users and stretches out far and wide. Those who have been in the Drupal world know the Drupal capacity, but if you’re unfamiliar, farmOS is another excellent example.

The farmOS server is built on top of Drupal. Drupal Is a widely used open-source web application framework, and its core functionality can be extended with add-ons. This being a great advantage to farmOS is one of the reasons they chose to go the Drupal way.

For all those that still tilt their heads in question, what is farmOS? And no, the word ‘farm’ is not a cover-up for something technical; it is what it sounds like. farmOS is web-based application software for FARMS! It benefits farmers worldwide and helps in agricultural management, record keeping and planning. How Cool! Farms from around the world can use the application on android or iOS for farm mapping, planning and record keeping. Here is a brief list of farms across the globe using farmOS.

The developing goal of farmOS is to create a fast and focused client app to keep track of day-to-day field records. The data entered is not owned by anyone other than yourself, and you have full access to the code and data stored. This web-based application is free and open-source and will run on any device with a web browser. 

Why talk about farmOS all of a sudden? The farmOS Community is setting up a blog and calling out to contributors to build the forum with stories, case studies and guides.

If interested in farmOS and its updates, click here to follow farmOS news.

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