Digital Polygon a First-Time Sponsor for Florida Drupal Camp

Digital Polygon is the first-time Gold sponsor for Florida Drupal Camp. This event brings together the Drupal Community: developers, designers, strategists and business owners. It is accelerating how digital creates an impact on your customers, attracting them with an engaging digital experience tailored to their unique needs.

It helps your people by equipping them with the necessary tools and insights to make smarter decisions quickly. And finally, it helps your purpose by aligning your digital infrastructure with your company’s objectives and goals, ensuring you remain competitive and profitable in the digital age.

As a web agency, Digital Polygon works with clients from disruptive start-ups to leading Fortune 100 companies. They are helping organizations, businesses and individuals redesign their websites to meet customer expectations, quickly stand up new campaigns to reach new audiences, create and launch new digital products, and be able to respond to regulatory change. 

Additionally, there are other sponsors such as DrupalEasy as a Platinum sponsor, and ITTDigital as Gold Sponsors, Lullabot, Kanopi Studios, tag1,, Florida Realtors, Conference Catalysts as Silver Sponsors and Opataysy and OS Training as Brown Sponsors.  

In order to make Florida Drupal Camp a success, the event is constantly looking for sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this upcoming camp, there are six sponsorship levels available: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Individual and In-Kind. For more information about sponsorship and how to become a sponsor, please refer to the Florida Drupal Camp website.

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