Webinar on Drupal Publishing with Mercury Editor

Mercury Editor

Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the current content editing experience of your Drupal website? Are you looking for an easier and more efficient way to manage and publish content on your Drupal site?

Aten Design Group got the solution for you! Join the webinar on Wednesday, Jan 25th at 12 pm MDT to get a free demo of Mercury Editor, the powerful web-based platform that streamlines content editing, provides intuitive page layout tools and allows you to easily publish content to your Drupal site.

With Mercury Editor, you can say goodbye to complicated content editing processes and enjoy a simpler, faster, and more efficient way to manage and publish content.

In this webinar, Aten's CEO Justin Toupin will walk through the components of an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop authoring experience based on Layout Paragraphs, that empower teams to publish rich, beautiful content in Drupal, quickly. This session is for everyone in the Drupal community, from developers to designers to UX specialists. It is especially for marketing, communications and content management teams to build, edit, and publish beautiful content on their Drupal websites with ease.

Aten Design Group is a full-service digital consulting company. They have been working side-by-side with their clients to build meaningful digital experiences since way back in 2000. Flexible, iterative, and feedback-driven, their design process helps the organization reveal its best digital self. Their robust, comprehensive design explorations draw on a variety of workshops and exercises to articulate the organiser's identity in the context of their digital goals, accessibility, audience industry peers, and competitors.

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