Front-end Drupal Developer Track - 6 Courses by Evolving Web

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Take your existing knowledge of CSS and HTML to the next level by applying those skills to creating flexible & useful layouts for use in Drupal and other content management systems.

By taking these 6 Evolving Web Drupal training courses together, you’ll be saving 25% off the price of buying them all individually while still enjoying the high quality blended learning experience with top quality instructors that has been our trademark for more than a decade.

The 6 courses on Drupal curated by Evolving Web help you upgrade your CSS and HTML skills. You can also learn about how to create flexible layouts, themes, components, and more.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create all the components of a Drupal website
  • Maintain and update existing Drupal websites
  • Create and customize Twig templates
  • Implement atomic and molecular design techniques
  • Integrate Bootstrap and JS libraries with Drupal
  • Develop your own Drupal theme
  • Create fast, accessible, and responsive websites of any size

The Front-end Drupal Developer Track is scheduled over four months. It is a blended learning training that mixes the best of both worlds: live online sessions and self-paced complementary learning materials. The core of our online training offering is our expert-led live sessions. In addition, you can always take advantage of our virtual learning platform's training guides and video tutorials as needed.

Here's what to expect:

  • Interactive sessions over Zoom (twice a week from 2 pm to 4 pm ET)
  • On-demand videos and virtual exercises to complete in between the sessions
  • A one-to-one session with your trainer for personalized support
  • A dedicated Slack workspace to get real-time answers to your specific questions
  • A certificate upon completion

Drupal Front-end Developer Track: 6 Courses

Drupal Site Building (March 21 - 30)

Learn how to create an information architecture for Drupal, implement advanced features with Drupal core and contributed modules, and best practices to launch and maintain a speedy website.

Drupal Development Workflows (April 3 - 5)

You will learn how to use Drupal configuration management, git workflows, and continuous integration tools. Learn to implement a workflow that makes your development, QA, and deployment process smooth and easy for everyone to follow.

Drupal Theming (May 2 - 18)

You'll learn how to build a responsive Drupal theme to customize the look of your Drupal site. Learn how to create layouts, customize Twig templates, and best practices for organizing your theme.

Web Accessibility (May 23 - 25)

You’ll learn how to incorporate accessibility standards into your new or existing website. We'll guide you through accessibility basics, common issues, and how to test and implement accessibility improvements.

Advanced Drupal Theming (June 13 - 29)

Get a deep understanding of advanced Drupal theming concepts. Learn how to use advanced functions in Twig, customize and extend a Drupal theme, analyze and resolve common theming issues, and more.

Atomic & Molecular Design with Drupal (July 11 - 20)

You’ll gain the knowledge you need to build components in Drupal that empower content editors to create flexible, dynamic page designs that also make use of elements of the atomic design.

Who Will Get the Most Out of This Course

This course is great for site builders, developers and designers that want to upgrade their skills and create flexible, useful and customized designs using Drupal.

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