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In collaboration with Otter Tech, the Drupal Community Working Group has released the Code of Conduct Training Workshops scheduled for 2023. Being a Code of Conduct contact for Drupal events allows you to contribute to the community without coding. Code of Conduct contacts does a hectic job of ensuring that community events are safe for everyone.

The role of a Code of Conduct contact is to be available on behalf of a virtual or in-person event to take incident reports and assist event organizers in responding to Code of Conduct violations.

Drupal event organizers typically identify at least two unique individuals that agree to be Code of Conduct contacts to help create a safe and welcoming environment for their attendees. These contacts and their contact information are made available to attendees on the event website, through event emails, in event presentations, etc., so that attendees know who and how to approach if an incident occurs.

Please visit to learn more about Code of Conduct contact and workshops.

Drupal event organizers can assist in training one or two of their members.

Upcoming workshops

  1. Wednesday, February 8, 2023 – 1 pm to 5 pm CET (European) (12 pm to 4 pm UTC)
  2. Wednesday, March 1, 2023 – 9 am to 1 pm PT (USA) (5 pm to 9 pm UTC)
  3. Tuesday, April 4, 2023 – 9 am to 1 pm PDT (USA) (4 pm to 8 pm UTC)
  4. Wednesday, August 23, 2023 – 9 am to 1 pm PT (USA) (4 pm to 8 pm UTC)
  5. Wednesday, October 18, 2023 – 9 am to 1 pm PT (USA) (4 pm to 8 pm UTC)
  6. Wednesday, November 8, 2023 – 9 am to 1 pm PT (USA) (5 pm to 9 pm UTC)

Workshop cost

The standard workshop cost is $350, but Otter Tech has offered a $50 discount for Drupal community members. To receive the discount, let us know if you are interested in completing the following form.

$50 discount sign-up form

Drupal community members who complete the workshop will receive a community contribution credit on and may be listed on (in the Drupal Community Workgroup section) as a means to highlight that they have completed the training.

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