Lawn Care Website Built With Drupal

Mike Herchel, the lead developer behind the Olivero theme, shared a content-rich story of building and maintaining a Drupal website for his buddy's business: The Master's Lawn Care (TMLC). The company had already created a website with a mix of static HTML, table layouts, and classic ASP scripting when Mike took charge of it. In 2012 Mike made an all-new Drupal website for TMLC using Drupal 7, which served ten long years with even an update in 2018. This year, he has rebuilt it on Drupal 9, and the story itself is compelling.

The digital transformation has proven to be a perfect fit for the business with taxonomy tags, multiple content editors with custom permissions, etc. The Webform module did a lot of heavy lifting while collecting leads. When occasional changes are needed to content types or views or integrations with other software, Drupal would easily accommodate them.

Please read the full article by Mike to know more about the timeline and improvements that made Drupal their favourite platform.

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