PreviousNext Upgraded Bond University Website Using Drupal 9

Bond University wanted to make sure its website reflected its renowned reputation for excellence and quality. PreviousNext was tasked with transforming their existing website, which was running on a Drupal 7 instance.

The version of Drupal was quickly approaching end-of-life, posing a major security risk for the university. To address this, PreviousNext upgraded the core system to Drupal 9, introducing a range of editorial and administrative features that weren't available in the previous version, such as Layout Builder.

In order to guarantee the success of the site transformation, PreviousNext implemented a rigorous test suite with over 500 tests covering the backend (using PHPUnit) and the front end (using Jest). This comprehensive testing ensured that the new features were launched with total confidence, guaranteeing the site was secure, stable and monitored.

PreviousNext is an experienced team of Drupal developers, content strategists, user experience experts, hosting professionals, and agile delivery managers. They specialize in providing top-notch digital services to Government and Higher Education clients, with an emphasis on continual improvement.

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