Drupal Camp Florida 2023 is Here!

 The 15th annual Florida DrupalCamp  2023 is here! Florida DrupalCamp is an annual conference that brings web professionals from across the world together to learn, network, and talk about web development and Drupal. Florida DrupalCamp is called a “camp” to emphasize the unconference style of the event. 

The mission and purpose behind organizing a Florida DrupalCamp is to;
  1. Learn and educate about Drupal and web development in general
  2. Provide networking opportunities for all of us.

One aspect of any Drupal Camp is training. Florida Drupal Camp begins with a blend of full and half-day training sessions. Check out the trainings that took place on day one of FLDC.

Prior to the camp, TDT had the privilege to be in conversation with a few FLDC speakers ! Here is what they have to say about FLDC 2023.

Mark Shropshire | FLDC
Aubrey Sambor | FLDC
AmyJune Hineline | FLDC
Jonathan Daggerhart | FLDC
Adam Varn | FLDC
Mike Herchel | FLDC


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