DrupalCamp NJ 2023 Day 1 Training Session

DrupalCamp New Jersey, is less than a month away. Participate in Jersey’s largest meeting of web developers, managers, students, and Drupal enthusiasts at the 11th nearly annual DrupalCamp NJ on the Princeton University campus for three days of programming. DrupalCamp NJ will provide you with opportunities to learn and participate with others regardless of your background in web programming and design or Drupal.

The first of this 3-day event is dedicated to training. These full-day and half-day training line-ups may assist you in polishing your skills and developing new ideas and connect you with a support network for your Drupal projects. These workshops are led by industry professionals and are a great bargain at $85. The ticket price includes breakfast and lunch.

Full Day Training

Meet Drupal 10 (An Introduction to Drupal)

Matthew Lechleider will impart this training. It is for users new to Drupal and looking to take the first steps. Anyone with a Drupal background will be bored, but someone who manages a Drupal website for their job might learn a few tips and tricks. Each attendee will receive their own personal website to learn with at the training and will be online up to 30 days after.

Professional Drupal Module Development Tools

In this training sessionMike Anello, chief instructor of DrupalEasy’s 90-hour Professional Module Development course, will help you set up PhpStorm and Visual Studio Code alongside your existing DDEV or Lando installation with all the plugins, extensions, and code quality tools you need to succeed in this full-day class. Drupal Coder (phpcs, phpcbf), PhpStan, and Xdebug will be discussed as tools.

Half-Day Training

Project Management for Today’s Drupal Projects

Speakers Ray Saltini and Mandee Englert will overtake this session. This workshop is intended to assist project managers, product owners, decision-makers, and stakeholders understand how today’s modern Drupal projects present new problems and what you must do differently to get the most out of your platform and services.

Prepare for the next generation of Google Analytics

In this training, Ray Saltini and Mandee Englert will demonstrate how to leverage the new GA4 reporting and fundamental principles to acquire insights into the various measurement approaches to understand more about users, content, and campaigns. The trainers will suggest when and how to link your data to BigQuery and Segment.

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