Axelerant Guide on Accessibility Compliance Acts and Standards

28 February, 2023

Axelerant recently shared a comprehensive blog post by Senior Quality Assurance Engineer Ashish Vengurlekar, outlining the essential guide to accessibility compliance acts and standards. With the importance of accessibility being acknowledged worldwide, many countries and states have enacted laws and policies to ensure that everyone can enjoy the same experiences when using the web.

Vengurlekar's blog explores these compliance acts and standards, providing readers with the information they need to ensure their websites are compliant.

The blog post closely observes various compliance acts and standards created to ensure internet features are accessible to all users, such as: 

  • World Wide Web Consortium And Web Accessibility
  • Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Section 508 Compliance
  • Accessibility For Ontario With Disabilities Act (AODA)
  • European Standard For Accessibility Guidelines (EN 301 549)
  • Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), 1986
  • Accessibility In Australia
  • User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG)

Accessibility has a profound impact from a user benefit and business perspective. By being accessibility compliant, organizations open doors of opportunities and make a significant difference in people's lives. Please read the blog to understand better the compliance requirements and their implications for digital products.

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